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By Janice, Apr 30 2018 01:22PM

Black cat jewellery and pawprint hair accessories.
Black cat jewellery and pawprint hair accessories.
Oriental red patterned Kanzashi hair flower clip with bead dangles.
Oriental red patterned Kanzashi hair flower clip with bead dangles.


Another month has flown past and the sun came out making me think about all the gorgeous flowers that are starting to bloom in my garden and on my way to the post office with your orders. Nature and animals have always played a big part in influencing my designs and when I saw this fabulous black and white paw print fabric I knew I had to create something special with it.

And what better way to show you than with the fantastic black cat earrings and pendants - a black dog version is also available from my Animal jewellery section or you can search for them in the earring and necklace categories.

The top photo is a mixture of work in progress and finshed flower styles. And black and white is always on trend so perfect for Spring, Summer or Winter.

As is typical of me I get an idea and then come up with multiple different styles, which all become my favourite making it almost impossible for me to choose one style and just make that! You can help and let me know your favourite in the comments section below or on my Instagram or Facebook pages where I post sneak peeks and more work in progress pictures.

I have been thinking of launching a hair accessory line for quite a long time now, especially since I have amassed quite a bit of modern and vintage fabrics! This allows me to utilise the skills I learnt on my fashion design degree and incorporate my love of Japanese culture. I absolutely adore the wonderful Kanzashi flower hair accessories that are worn by Geisha in Japan. I love how they wear different ones depending on the time of year or special festivals taking place which has lead to me researching, creating and making my own interpretation of this stunning traditional craft. One of the styles I'm working on lets me add my handmade and gemstone beads so I am very excited to bring these to life so you can have one of your very own.

The other photo is of myself wearing my current favourite Kanzashi hair clip, a red oriental patterned fabric and bead dangles, which totally lifts my hairstyle and outfit and makes me feel good and super Kawaii!

The cat earrings and pendants are a firm favourite with customers and I always get wonderful feedback about them from happy customers which makes my day not only that the items bring you joy but that you kindly take the time to let me know, as a small independant business feedback really does help and make a difference.

My latest newsletter will be going out soon, I'm just in the process of ticking all the boxes to be GDPR compliant - the newsletter is free and keeps you up to date with the latest news and special offers exclusive to subscribers, I promise not to spam you just a newsletter sent out at regular intervals.

You can sign up for free on the homepage of the website and unsubscribe at any time.

By Janice, Mar 31 2018 10:02PM

Behind the scenes and new products at Janice'sjewels.
Behind the scenes and new products at Janice'sjewels.

March has definitely been the quickest month of the year so far, or maybe it's because a lot of things have taken place?

We had snow here in Somerset for the first time in almost seven years, now if this had been Christmas eve I would have been beside myself with joy, but it's March and I want to be thinking about the lighter evenings and warmer weather not whether or not my boots are snowproof and how to teach my little one how to build a snowman...Do you wan...(tell me that song didn't spring to mind)

Normally by now I'm well into showcasing new jewellery for Springtime, but it just hasn't felt right. I have managed to add some gorgeous paua shell cross pendants, four leaf clover sets and a cutel little rabbit pendant all seasonal appropriate and in stock on the website.

I have been keeping busy on my Instagram account taking part in the #MarchMeetTheMaker challenge, everyday had a different prompt or theme and I've included a couple of pictures from themes such as *hands at work* *helpers* and *how it's made* it really made me think about what it is I do and why I do this, many things led to me going into business for myself, and while there are many challenges and obstacles to overcome, overall it was the right decision for my sanity and for my family. If you would like to see the full challenge then pop over to but don't forget to come back here and get your jewellery needs sorted.

I've also added some new sections to my menus on the home page, which now features:


Bridal jewellery,

Beach themed jewellery,


Religious jewellery.

Hopefully this makes finding what your looking for easier. Your jewellery will be sent to you boxed with a gorgeous gift bag, saving you time wrapping if it's a present for someone else or a treat for yourself - you do deserve nice things as well.

Wishing you a very happy Easter!


By Janice, Feb 5 2018 12:44PM

Happy February!

This close to Valentine's day I felt I had to get in a reference in somewhere and this is one of my favourite quotes, "Hearts are wild creatures, thats why are ribs are cages".

Things don't always go how we would wish them to, I've had a bit of a bumpy January and can only hope that February is a much improved month, with that in mind i thought i would do a round up gift ideas and bestsellers hoping to inspire you whether you are looking for a much needed treat for yourself, a birthday gift or if you need to hint to your other half what you hope to receive this Valentine's day if a soggy bunch of flowers from the garage around the corner is not your cup of tea.

To start with I have a gorgeous selection of pendants featuring February's birthstone Amethyst. From stars to crystal point pendants, angels and more, there is a shape and style to suit your taste.

Amethyst is one of the most sought after and popular gemstones available, the stunning shades of purple make this a fabulous item to wear. As a natural stone colours may vary as each item is unique. All pendants are sent boxed with a gorgeous organza gift bag, saving you time if giving as a gift.

The next picture collage features my top 3 bestselling items last month, Haematite star cascade pendant, goldfish paua shell earrings and the fabulous Kingfisher paua shell necklace. Star jewellery is one of my favourite items to make, the goldfish earrings also have a matching pendant and would make an ideal gift for any Pisces birthday presents and the Kingfisher is a stunning colour and an ususual pendant.

My final picture is a selection of wonderful gemstone heart pendants I have, with the soft pink Rose Quartz heart cascade pendant (matching earrings are availble) then from the righthand side top down, Citrine heart pendant a stone of joy and prosperity, a black Onyx heart, thought to boost self confidence and protect from negativity and another item of Rose Quartz in heart form a stone of love, compassion and warmth.

Whether you believe in the power of crystals or not, these lovely items of jewellery are a joy to wear and add a little sunshine to any outfit, and make inspirational gifts for any age.

I hope I have given you some gift ideas, I have other heart jewellery in stunning shades of paua shell available in my Valentine's day section on the website.

Feedback is welcome and you can let me know in the comments section below, thank you for reading.

If you would like to be kept up to date with my latest news, sneak peaks and subscriber only offers then sign up to my free newsletter on the home page.

Best wishes,


A selection of pendants featuring February's birthstone which is Amethyst.
A selection of pendants featuring February's birthstone which is Amethyst.
3 of my bestselling items at the moment, ideal gifts.
3 of my bestselling items at the moment, ideal gifts.
Bestselling heart pendants ideal for Valentine's day gifts.
Bestselling heart pendants ideal for Valentine's day gifts.

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