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Bracelet starter kit and refills now available at Janice's Jewels.

By Janice, Aug 15 2018 01:08PM

Bracelet starter kit and refills available now at Janicesjewels.
Bracelet starter kit and refills available now at Janicesjewels.
Willow Cathedral, for inspiration out in nature.
Willow Cathedral, for inspiration out in nature.


I'm still smack dab in the middle of the Summer school holidays, so normal routine has gone out the window, and as I'm always being told change is not necessarily a bad thing so I have been doing my best to embrace it...

So post office runs have become Pokemon go hunts - which is very addictive!

And we have discovered new places to walk including the stunning Willow Cathedral, which has a lovely feel to it, and given me lots of ideas for new wire wrapped pendants, all still in the planning and idea stages, but I'm looking forward to sharing work in progress of the projects when I get started.

One of the big new items I launched was my complete bracelet starter kit, I have been working on that for awhile now and was very excited that I managed to get everything in place to pop it on the website just before the holidays started. A fun way to learn a new skill or a fabulous kit to get you started with a new hobby.

Included with your starter kit:

Round Nose Pliers for turning loops,

Microfibre beadmat to stop the beads rolling around,

Mixed bead selection including polymer clay fruit and flower beads,

A butterfly and a fairy charm with jumprings,

Memory wire bracelet blank,

Instructions and,

Organza gift bag.

I also have refill kits if you are looking for a particular colour to make. At the moment the purple and the pink refill kits have been the most popular and I will be adding more seasonal variations later on as my halloween bracelet kits and winter themed ones proved very popular last year.

The kits are aimed from 6+ years upwards, suitable for adults as well and you don't have to worry about fiddly clasps as the memory wire just wraps around your wrist.


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