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Me and my jewellery, confessions of a jewellery addict.

By Janice, Feb 6 2019 04:40PM

A picture of me and some of my jewellery that holds dear memories.
A picture of me and some of my jewellery that holds dear memories.


Jewellery is such a personal thing, that it doesn't matter how much something does or does not cost I've found what matters is how it makes you feel.

I have jewellery that was especially designed for me like my wedding band to earrings that I purchase from a shop on the high street. Both items bring me joy in different ways, my wedding band is a daily reminder of love, of the day I said I do to my husband with family and friends around us. The Amber dangle earrings I'm wearing in the photo I bought for myself to celebrate graduating University

Then we have the top right picture featuring a turquoise Jasper heart shaped gemstone one of my first wire wrapped pendants I ever created from nearly five years ago, I still love wearing it.

And finally a much loved but well worn pendant, in the bottom right corner, its lost most of its dangles and the original chain, but it was a gift from my father when I was a little girl, he passed away shortly after he gave it to me so it means the world to me.

Jewellery has taught me that the pieces are so much more than just pretty rocks, the pendants, earrings, rings or brooches we own are a celebration of a time in life when you've wanted to treat yourself for working hard, hitting a milestone or simply to say thank you. Maybe some of them have been birthday or Valentines gifts. They all have a meaning personal to us.

It's these memories that we keep alive in our hearts when we wear jewellery, sometimes from those who are no longer with us, or tokens of love from those closest to us.

It got me thinking about the process of making jewellery, when I sit down to create I very rarely sketch out a design, most of my ideas come to me when I actually have the raw materials in my hands, whether thats the cool calm feel of semi precious Rose Quartz - a gemstone of love and compassion or the playful and mouldable polymer clay. Sometimes I need to capture the brilliant sparkle of sunshine and light so I select some gorgeous Swarovski® crystals they always add the 'wow' effect. Sometimes I want more structure and look to my resins to create stardust rings and bangles. Then we have my personal favourite items to make, when you absolutely have to have the biggest baddest most statement piece in the room look no further than my wire wrapped one of a kind pendants. There is something very theraputic when weaving with wire.

My main concern when creating is how do these pieces make me feel? Do I feel joy? Will other people love this as much as I do? Releasing new items into the world can be a nerve racking thing!

Sometimes it's about the pieces that got away, I still miss my Amber ring I lost a couple of years ago, although I've had more than one customer tell me stories of going out in the garden and finding a ring or an earring embedded in a plant or shrub that has finally bloomed come spring time.

Or the gorgeous pair of earrings I saw on holiday many many years ago, if I'd known I'd still be thinking about them to this day I would have bought them! Lesson learnt, if you like it, buy it!

Another thing I've learnt is that when you make jewellery, no one gives you jewellery as gifts anymore. Whether thats because they think you could make it yourself I don't know. But I love all jewellery and am quite well known to make something for myself and then one to sell..

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